Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what campers, their parents and our counselors have to say:

Being a camp counselor at this camp was one of my best experiences of the summer. The camp is so well organized and the passion the director has for sharing cool things with the kids was incredible”  –  Camp Counselor from Bend, Oregon

We lived by the golden rule and contrary to belief…. Manana does not mean tomorrow – it just means definitely not today. The lifestyle here really teaches you patience! Come unplug and experience something different.” –  Camper from Portland, Oregon

We made great friends! We even still keep in touch on Facebook.” – Camper from Jackson, Wyoming

The villa and the huge palapa rocked! The Zip lines are the best! ” – Camper from Coos Bay

All of us eventually learned how to stand up on the board. The waves in the summer are so mellow and fun. We practically had the beach to ourselves. It was a far cry from the crowded beaches of California!” –  Camper from Huntington Beach, CA

I didn’t think having to study Spanish in the summer when I was suppose to be out of school would be fun, but it actually was!” – Camper from Michigan

We played some of the craziest games at night, but they were really fun. Playing with all the village kids was the most rewarding and memorable experiences of all! ” – Camper from Lake Oswego, Oregon

What this camp offered my daughters was immeasurable. My daughters had never had the desire to learn a second language or give to others. The girls were completely uninterested in learning Spanish and did not understand why they were required to take the class. They were also sad to say, more interested in what was going to be done for them and when they were going to go shopping for the latest electronic or designer fashion. The girls returned home with an incredible desire to want to learn Spanish and to give to others. One daughter is now taking part in a summer long exchange program in Ecuador and the other has inspired her friends to start a clothes closet to collect donations to return to the village and donate. Camp empowered the girls to become humanitarians, value the educational importance of learning another language, and gave them skills I am incredibly proud of.”  – Parent from Georgia

We had listened to the media and friends that have never left their own state, about how dangerous Nicaragua was. My son presented us with the research he did all on his own about how places in the USA were actually more dangerous and that there had never been any terrible shootings anyplace involving a group of kids in the country, so we agreed to let him go. Of course we worried about his safety everyday he was gone, but after he returned to tell us all about his adventures and how poor the people were but would share everything they had, we look forward to being  able to go experience what he calls a dream land.”-  Parent from Florida